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The AB20 is a hi-fidelity, low distortion and noise power amplifier. It has been specifically designed for driving bookshelf speakers or studio monitors.
This power amp delivers around 20W RMS into an 8-Ohm load, or just over 35W RMS into a 4 Ohm load before the onset of clipping.
By utilizing a current-mirrored long-tail pair input stage employing low-noise transistors, along with a capacitor bypassed bias servo, very low noise and distortion levels are achievable - significantly lower than class-A or class-D designs, while retaining a high damping factor for tight bottom end.
The AB20 also uses a common-emitter output stage allowing full rail-to-rail swing (minus Vce(sat)) of the output devices, enabling higher output while reducing distortion further.
This design is now in prototype phase and will be available in kit or assembled form soon - please register your interest in this module by emailing so I can let you know when the full design and testing details are available here on the web site. Email me by clicking HERE.