Jordan Engineering Technologies
Electronics and embedded system arts, j.e.t., and Jordan Engineering Technologies

...are all registered trading names of Jordan Engineering Technologies - an Australian based business owned and operated by Benjamin Jordan (ABN: 93 566 175 927).
In reality this is more or less a creative outlet for me to express my ideas and views, particularly about electronics, embedded systems, DSP, FPGA design, and music. As a guitarist and engineer, I spend much mental time concocting effects, amps, preamps and the like. I occasionally even write music - if you're lucky you may get to hear some on this web page before too long. has been up since late 2008, and continues to grow with designs, articles, and ideas ranging from power supplies to digital audio, and the occasional video tutorial or blog as well. Stay tuned.
As far as the guy who started all this goes... well I graduated with a BEng in Computer systems engineering (Hons I) from USQ, and I have been designing electronics (including embedded systems programming, PCB design, analogue design and FPGA design) all up for 15+ years. I am an Altium Designer expert (all versions including release 10, and Vault servers), and also work with several other engineering toolsets and environments - Tasking, GNU, DEV-C++, Cygwin, Win32, Eagle, P-CAD, Circuit Maker 2000,  Linux, Virtualbox, MPLAB .... the list could go on forever - does it really even matter? A key aspect of engineering is being able to get pragmatically excellent results with whatever you have available to you. Having said that, I LOVE Altium Designer and Altium Vaults and find them to be extremely productivity enhancing. That's my experience, yours may be similar with other tools.